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How about toothpaste?

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Any of them are fine as long as it has fluoride in it and is non-abrasive. This includes most major brands. Choose one that you like the taste of! You’ll use it regularly and brush longer. Remember, brush at least twice a day! What’s your favorite? Share here!

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    Lisa HorschmanBothell

    My personal favorite toothpaste is the Crest ProHealth series. As a 4th year dental student I have been given plenty of samples and have tried all of them. The ProHealth series of toothpastes honestly keep my mouth feeling fresh through the night and up until I drink my morning coffee ;-) One downside of this paste, however, is that it uses some of the moisture from your mouth to make the foaming action. The representatives at Crest say that if you use a bit more water on your brush, and rinse really well afterward, you will avoid having a dry sloughing mouth. I would also recommend this toothpaste if you suffer from sensitivity. I think helps keep my teeth from being as sensitive when I consume cold beverages. Okay, enough from me…go try it yourself :-)


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